Floribis, market leader in the production, processing and export of vanilla pods and essential oils is an agri-business company founded in 2000. The company manages 625 hectares of vanilla plantations and aromatic plants. Known for the quality of its work and the professionalism of its employees.

Floribis supplies the most demanding international customers in the field of food, aromatic and cosmetic extracts. Since its existence, Floribis has strived to engage in win-win cooperation with local communities in the SAVA region. Its processing plant is located 3 km from Vohémar.

Floribis is the largest employer in the city and a major player in the life of farmers’ associations. As an ethically responsible company, Floribis is committed to complying with regulations. In developing its activity in the field of well-being  and care, Floribis is the leading perfumery manufacturer in Madagascar and a pioneer of natural cosmetics. The cosmetics manufacturing site is located 2 km from Ivato airport in Antananarivo.

Our vision

Thanks to the continuous improvement of our expertise, with passionate collaborators,
we will produce high-standard products to meet the requirements of our customers and
contribute to the long lasting development of the agricultural sector in Madagascar.

Our values

Be proactive and keep our commitments

Being a responsible company

Aiming for excellence and innovating continually

Building sustainable collaboration

Floribis Combines

Tradition and Innovation to operate the world’s largest Bourbon Vanilla plantation, 30ha certified by ECOCERT

On the same site, a 3,500 m2 factory and a 1500 m2 distillery with the most advanced technologies for processing and refining, allow the highest rate of vanillin yield on the market thanks to a “quick process” system favouring high quality of its products. An analysis laboratory allows for standardization of the production and computer monitoring of all procedures – HACCP – ensuring perfect traceability.

The cultivation of plants with essential oils specific to the island of Madagascar is added to this vanilla farm. Alongside an industrial distribution which scents are found in many perfumes and other famous aromatic products, Floribis has diversified its production towards vanilla derivatives for gastronomy with flavored spices of total purity and cosmetic products with oils, creams and woody perfumes as well as delicate aromas that make this company the only “artisan perfumer” of Madagascar.

Floribis invests in research and development with the initial objective of mastering the cultivation of vanilla and hence the production of pods with the willingness of innovation and continuous improvement. To achieve this goal, the construction  of a 1200 m2 multi-chapel greenhouse and environmental control system , on the cutting edge of technology , has been set up to study, understand and work this creeper with such precious pods.

The department is also devoted to the study of new high-potential speculations in order to provide the raw materials needed for the fields of perfumery, aromatherapy or cosmetology. Continuous work involves the analysis of the simple processing of natural products that the Malagasy soil offers in quantity and quality.