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10 black vanilla pods in 6 cl tube


Let yourself be tempted by the 10 black vanilla pods in 6cl tube.
Its oily, supple and full appearance guarantees the quality of the Product. Its colour is uniform and has no other spots than the planter’s distinguishing mark.
Its round and mellow fragrance is the signature of vanilla.

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What is the secret that makes a dish so fine, so tasty, so exquisite? Love, we would say! Only you know the real magic ingredient: Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, a pure marvel in terms of aroma. Insoluble in water and oil, Bourbon vanilla – vanilla fragrans by its botanical name – is ideal for cooking, especially in gourmet cuisine. Vanilla enhances the taste of your cooking and will not fail to surprise you and your guests.

Its 6cl glass container with a metal cap – which is preferred to the cork cap – keeps all the properties of vanilla in the tube.
Keep it away from light and heat, and at room temperature in order to enjoy its virtues for at least 36 months.

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