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150gr Black Pepper in Kraft Paper


Among the Madagascar peppers offered by Floribis is black pepper. It is the most well-known and widespread variety in the world. Its black wrinkled seed appearance combined with its exceptional smell brings us to memories of exotic holidays on the big island. Madagascar black pepper has a grade 1 quality, in other words: the best quality, the Rolls Royce of peppers!

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Black pepper has properties that help us take control of our health. It has the advantage of being an anti-inflammatory, an antibacterial and facilitates digestion. For a long time, we have been talking about its aphrodisiac virtues as much for men as for women. For its aromatic role, it is mainly in cooking that pepper is used. Black pepper goes well with your sauces, dressings, soups and any other dish by adding it at the end of cooking.

Packaged in a Kraft paper, black pepper retains all its taste properties for a period of two years provided that the rules of conservation are respected. The product should be kept in a dark room, tightly closed away from humidity and heat.

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