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250grs of Black Vanilla In Kraft Paper


Floribis has been practicing vanilla production for 19 years. Its quality work allows it to deliver products of high standards satisfying all its customers. Bourbon black vanilla of Gourmet quality differs in its rather oily appearance with a healthy, supple and full pod. Its color is uniform, black to dark brown and no stain should be present except the mark of the planter. Its high concentration of vanillin allows it to release a round and soft fragrance that makes it the most requested vanilla on the market.

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Gourmet quality refers to a vanilla that is best used for cooking. Its strong aroma will make your dishes more delicious. Very often appreciated in desserts, it also perfumes your salty meals.

The Kraft paper in which they are delivered allows them to be stored for as long as possible for a period of 36 months if stored properly. Put them in anhermetic jar away from heat sources to make the most of their properties for 36 months.

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