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Black pepper 150grs


Black pepper is the most famous variety of pepper in the world. The black pepper in stackable jar of grade 1 qualityis available in Floribis stores. This black and wrinkled aspect of the seed is the result of a particular drying process, giving itits distinctive spicy and warm aroma.

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Black pepper is mainly used in cooking to enhance all your dishes: gratins, roasts, soups, etc. Some people even like to add it to their tea or sweet dishes to add some spice.
In traditional medicine, pepper is used as an anti-inflammatory or antibacterial agent, but also for its aphrodisiac virtues. It also stimulates fat absorption and facilitates digestion.

Store the spice in its original container, in a dark, dry place away from any source of heat and air. Its organoleptic properties can be preserved for two years.

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