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Pink berries in stackable jar


Pink berry is often given different names: false pepper, Bourbon pepper or Chinese coffee. The pink berry from Madagascar is a grade 1 quality spice.It appears as a small smooth seed. Pink berries are the red fruits of an evergreen tree. They have a characteristic aniseed, sweet and pepperyscent. They take us on a journey into the plantations of the Big Island!

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Pink Berry is avery effective anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial agent. This spice is also known to have toning, purgative and aromatic properties. To take advantage of these countless virtues, it is often recommended to include pink berries into culinary preparations. Add a few seeds – whole or slightly crushed – at the end of cooking.

In its 65g stackable jar, this spice isprotected from light, humidity, air and heat. Its aromas, its fragrance and above all its virtues are preserved for a period of two years under these conditions.

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