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Red wild pepper in jute bag 300grs


The cultivation of pepper has made the reputation of Madagascar. Wild red pepper, of the same family as the black Voatsiperifery, is one of the emblematic products offered by Floribis. Harvested at maturity, it has much warmer notes. The red wild pepper from Madagascar is a tailed red seed of high quality. Its rarity, its authenticity, its organic side, and its woody and fruity characteristic smell make this wild red pepper the must of all peppers!

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Scientific studies on the health benefits of red wild pepper have attributed the latter its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. It is also believed to have aphrodisiac virtues. This variety of pepper also facilitates digestion through salivation. But it is in our kitchens that red wild pepper is mostly found. Delicious buckwheat pancakes, creamy goat cheese cream or arranged rum no longer have a secret for you. Red wild pepper flavours and enhances the taste of meat, and goes very well with all dishes, even sweet ones.

The jute bag keeps all the freshness of our 300g red wild pepper. Enjoy your little treasure of pepper by storing it away from light, moisture, air and heat.

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