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White pepper in glass tube 30grs


Among Floribis’ wide range of peppers, we find white pepper. Ripe red pepper grains are picked at full maturity and soaked in rainwater basins to rid them of their outer layer. They are then dried for a long time in the sun. The bare inner seed is white pepper. Its smooth and cream-coloured appearance combined with its distinctive fragrance give all its charm.

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White pepper is known to facilitate digestion. Indeed, pepper stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, thus improving digestion and stimulating appetite. Thanks to its aromatic virtue, it is also used for cooking. White pepper is suitable for light sauces since it ismore discreet, milder, and the subtlest of peppers.

In order to preserve all the aromas of this precious condiment, the 30g white pepper is packaged in a glass tube. It can be used for two years after opening. However, it should be kept away from light, humidity, air and heat.

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