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White pepper in stackable pot 150grs


White pepper comes from the same tree as black pepper, from the family of the Piperaceae. Floribis is presenting you today its white pepper, which is distinguished by its discretion. It is the mildest but also the subtlest of peppers. It would be impossible not to be transported to Madagascar when you discover this smooth, cream-coloured seed with such a characteristic smell! The white pepper we offer is grade 1: the best quality, a small treasure of spice.

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The consumption of white pepper is recommended because of its benefits on digestion. There are several ways to use white pepper. Incorporating it into your drinks is one way to do it. However, it is most commonly used in cooking. Add it to all your favourite dishes; it is just perfect for light sauces.

As it is a precious and delicate condiment, the 150g stackable jar is chosen in order to keep all its aromas. It can be stored very well for two years away from light, moisture, air and heat.

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