Vanilla Bourbon, our spearhead

The Green Vanilla Campaign, June to September

Among the 20,000 existing orchids, only a handful is used in gastronomy and perfumery. They all belong to the Vanilla genus. The queen with multiple cultural and aromatic qualities, vanillaplanifolia called Bourbon Vanilla, is among them.


Vanilla pods are the fruit of their unique flowers, which pollination are assured manually and in a very limited time range since they only open for one day.


The pods will reach their maximum size after 1 to 2 months but their precious contents will only mature after 9 months. After their hand-harvesting, they will undergo a specific treatment that will reveal the richness of their aromas.

At Floribis, whether they come from the plantation or from partner farmers’ associations, vanilla pods are prepared according to two recipes, both of which ensure a perfect traceability of the product, thanks to the factory total surface of 4500 m2.


The first step, the traditional process is a long work that requires the daily monitoring of the pods by qualified people. The whole pods are scalded in water at 60oC, steamed for 36 to 48 hours, and then dried for several weeks before being refined in red wooden crates in the same way as wine in oak barrels. This last step can last up to 8 months. The best pods will be oily, soft and with a sweet, round aroma, rich in the countless aromatic compounds very much in demand by perfumers, Star Chefs and gastronomes.

The Floribis Quick Process is an industrial recipe that gives in record time a product very rich in vanillin, homogeneous and ready for the realization of aromatic extracts. These characteristics make FQP an optimal product for the perfume, cosmetics and agri-business industries. During the process piloted using a HACCP approach, the green vanilla pods are cut into pieces, steamed and dried in a few hours in an insulated chamber. Efficient  refining for only a few weeks completes the preparation and complicates the aromatic bouquet with woody notes.

The Vanilla Vrac campaign, from September to March

It is a campaign of trading and qualitative adjustment of vanilla prepared or semi-prepared by our partners.

The collected vanilla pods are processed and sorted in our factory for a few days. Once their quality is stabilized, they are packaged and ready to be exported.